Jun. 6th, 2012

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My brother-in-law can be the nicest person you would want to meet, but he can also be the most selfish and stupid.  He really outdid himself this time.  My sister booked a romance package at a hotel next month to celebrate their anniversary.  Brother-in-law told her to cancel because he decided to go to Oshkosh with his friends instead.  She didn't like it, but cancelled the reservations.  Instead, they decided to have the romantic weekend a month before their anniversary, and booked a package for this coming weekend. Monday, he cancelled the reservations.  One of his acquaintances invited him to go to a ham radio conference, and he decided to do that instead.

You can imagine my sister's reaction.  She came very close to leaving him.  Instead of reacting in the way she would have in her previous marriage, she decided on a different course of action.  She made reservations for me and her to stay at the haunted Menger hotel once again.  We are booked for the room with the door that opened by itself.  Then she took it a step further and booked a day at their spa for us both.  

I've never spent a day at spa.  It has always seemed a little too decadent to spend that much money on pampering myself.  There are always more important things.  She has already set it up though and I'll not cancel on her after what brother-in-law has pulled.  It will be fun, I am sure.  My car is paid off this month so will just set aside what had gone for car payments to cover my half of the unexpected weekend away in August.  Lol, I am about to find us a good ghost tour.  May as well book a reservation for that too.  I'll just think of this as a little celebration for paying off my car and not splurge on anything else for a while.  :D  


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