Aug. 12th, 2012

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After getting a few calls about the Perseid Meteor Shower, I decided to go out last night and watch. The best time was supposed to be between 2 and 3. Lol, despite my initial reaction ( way), I did manage to stay up. My Anatolian was quite surprised when I moved a chaise lounge to the middle of the back yard. It was fun to watch the meteors streak across the sky. If there is supposed to be another good showing tonight (and enough coffee in my system), I'll go out and watch again.

My niece has decided to try her hand at Grey's Anatomy fan fic. She decided that prior to writing for her fandom and friends, she would write one with me. This isn't a new idea. She said that we should do this about a year ago, but it never came to fruition. The difference is that she recently split with her significant other, and wants to fill her evenings thinking about something other than him. She is into fem slash and not familiar with LOTR fan fic other than to have beta'd (for grammar) a couple of times. Thus, we will use a partially completed old LOTR fic, altered to reflect some of her ideas and converted to the LOTR universe. I'm interested to watch her play with ideas. It will be fun. At any rate, I promised to post it if/when we finish. She is too nervous to post on her own site.

I made an appointment to have a jeweler do something with this big jade face medallion that I inherited from a great aunt. It is from the early 1940's, and set in sterling. It would probably be way too expensive for me to purchase, even if it were to my taste. It REALLY isn't though. I'm anxious to learn what, if anything, the jeweler thinks can be done. If she is able to do anything with it, I'll post a before/after pic. However, she might just smile, shake her head and tell me to save my money.

My final car wouldn't pass inspection till I replaced the front two tires. Of course, I was advised to replace all four. They had to order the tires, and will have my car till Tuesday. I'm driving one of my mother's pick-ups. It is a big one that is used to haul cattle around. It certainly makes me appreciate the gas mileage of my Honda!!!


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