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I've been house sitting for mom for the past week and a half. It left almost no LJ time. Glad to be back home. Being without access to my computer (for other than a couple of stolen hours) truly sucked. Glad for a return to a normal life.

Mom's friend left his cow dog at her house for me to watch while they were traveling. No problem right? I put them in one of her pick-ups to ride along while I checked things out. OMG SHE STUNK!!!!! I drove back to my house and grabbed scented shampoo and grooming spray. It rained before I got her bathed and she stayed out in it, determined to guard the house from a little squirrel. It washed some of the smell away, leaving a wet dog aroma...which was an improvement believe it or not! After the rain ended, she got a bath! If I had known that she was up on her shots, I'd have taken her to a groomer for the works!

When they returned from their vacation, I learned that the dog had never in her long life been bathed! She is old and grey, yet the only bath she has ever had is the one I gave her! The man actually told my mother that black dogs don't ever need to be bathed! Lest you don't appreciate the full extent of his stupidity, she is mainly an INDOOR dog! I sent the shampoo and grooming spray home with him, telling him that even the dog probably gags from the stink. Ugh!
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'You have a lump in your breast.' That was the most chilling thing I had heard in a very long time. Three months later, it was biopsied and found to be non-cancerous. Those months were a frightening time in my life, but I was lucky. My grandmother, like so many women, was not. She was nearly eighty when it was discovered. Her doctor said that treatment would not prolong her life, and might actually shorten it. Therefore, the cancer progressed untreated. A dear friend was treated. She had a mastectomy. Her fiancee did not come to the hospital at all. Instead, he called her room and told her that the engagement was off. He didn't even ask how she was. He just dumped her. Breast cancer is a horrible, horrible disease. In this month set aside for breast cancer awareness, remember the women behind the disease.
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we remember

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Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! Open Your Card )


Aug. 31st, 2012 01:13 pm
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I had a scary and very unwanted visitor last night!

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After getting a few calls about the Perseid Meteor Shower, I decided to go out last night and watch. The best time was supposed to be between 2 and 3. Lol, despite my initial reaction ( way), I did manage to stay up. My Anatolian was quite surprised when I moved a chaise lounge to the middle of the back yard. It was fun to watch the meteors streak across the sky. If there is supposed to be another good showing tonight (and enough coffee in my system), I'll go out and watch again.

My niece has decided to try her hand at Grey's Anatomy fan fic. She decided that prior to writing for her fandom and friends, she would write one with me. This isn't a new idea. She said that we should do this about a year ago, but it never came to fruition. The difference is that she recently split with her significant other, and wants to fill her evenings thinking about something other than him. She is into fem slash and not familiar with LOTR fan fic other than to have beta'd (for grammar) a couple of times. Thus, we will use a partially completed old LOTR fic, altered to reflect some of her ideas and converted to the LOTR universe. I'm interested to watch her play with ideas. It will be fun. At any rate, I promised to post it if/when we finish. She is too nervous to post on her own site.

I made an appointment to have a jeweler do something with this big jade face medallion that I inherited from a great aunt. It is from the early 1940's, and set in sterling. It would probably be way too expensive for me to purchase, even if it were to my taste. It REALLY isn't though. I'm anxious to learn what, if anything, the jeweler thinks can be done. If she is able to do anything with it, I'll post a before/after pic. However, she might just smile, shake her head and tell me to save my money.

My final car wouldn't pass inspection till I replaced the front two tires. Of course, I was advised to replace all four. They had to order the tires, and will have my car till Tuesday. I'm driving one of my mother's pick-ups. It is a big one that is used to haul cattle around. It certainly makes me appreciate the gas mileage of my Honda!!!
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Your birthday greeting is behind the cut! You've posted a lot of VERY yummy graphics for us all, so here are a few for you. Sending birthday Manflesh to the Queen of Manflesh. ;) Happy Birthday )

Never Again

Aug. 5th, 2012 06:20 pm
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I spent the weekend in San Antonio with my sister. Saturday night, I stayed in the King Cattle Ranch suite in the Menger hotel. I thought it would be fun to spend a night in the most haunted room in the most haunted hotel in Texas. There are stories about the King suite, but I didn't take them seriously.

Upon first walking into the suite, I was struck by the lovely antiques. At the time, it just looked like a suite with antique furnishings. There was nothing creepy about it. After dinner, we hung out there and gabbed about a little of everything. At around 11 pm, my sister and niece left for their rooms and I was alone in the King suite. Shortly after, it became something more than a hotel suite with old furniture. Here is what happened.

I turned the television on when everyone left, but it stuck on a page that said 'Please wait while we load selections for your entertainment.' While texting my frustration to my niece, the camera sitting on a desk across the room turned itself on. Two separate and new sets of camera batteries died within two hours of being put into the camera that evening, so seeing it come alive and of its own accord was startling, to say the least.

Later, I had turned the television off and started walking toward the bedroom when it sounded like someone violently hit the shutters with their fist. The shutters are the decorative kind with large slats that are inside and used instead of curtains. After freezing and waiting for my stomach to crawl out of my throat, I resumed walking toward the bedroom (albeit with a much quicker step). Again there was a loud bang. I whirled around to see what was there, but it was only empty space.

The bedroom light was off and the switch was on the far side of the room. I had to walk through the dark bedroom while freaking out because of the sounds. Once I got those lights on and turned the living room lights off, things got interesting. (not in a good way)

Several times that night, it sounded like the windows in the living room were being shut. (never opened...just shut) The floor in the living room creaked on and off all night long. Twice, it sounded like dragging rather than walking. At 2 am, it became as cold as a meat locker in the bedroom, and I put two t-shirts on over my jammies. This morning, I could not get out of those rooms fast enough.

I will never go near that suite again. It was not a fun, spooky and novel night. It was scary and not like when you are at a horror movie. Something was in that room, and it was not a live human. I realize that most people will not believe me unless they spend the night there. Even so, I would advise my friends to stay away. Something is very wrong in that suite.
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I hope there aren't any random LJ glitches between now and your bday, and that this posts on time. Have a great day!
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My vacation with my sister at the haunted Menger hotel is fast approaching. My sister invited both of her children to stay in our double room that Saturday...much to my dismay. I decided to book a room for myself. It is supposed to be a fun & relaxing weekend. That will be anything but. Thus, I called and asked for availabilities in the haunted quarter.

LOL, the haunted King Ranch suite had a cancellation and they offered it on a huge discount. It is the most haunted room in the hotel! Captain King lived there for quite a while, and he also died there! The bed is the same...different mattress/pillows fortunately. He is said to enter the room through the original entrance and sit on the end of the bed while smoking a cigar! My sister is going to want to trade for that room, but it isn't going to happen.

This may not sound so relaxing, but damned if it won't be fun! I'll ask him to pose if he shows up. :D
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Yesterday, a dear friend stepped out to buy something for dinner. When he returned, it was to find his visiting son had hanged himself. There is nothing that anyone can say to dull the pain of such a tragic death. Every time he closes his eyes, his mind replays the moment he walked in to see the young man hanged. Tom does not want expressions of sympathy from friends and family. He wants the one thing that none of us can give; his son back. I hope his brother can help him through this tragedy. Because he does not want to hear it right now, I am posting my condolences and deep deep sympathy. It isn't enough, not nearly so.
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