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No, I am not watching the Super Bowl this year. I have agreed feed my neighbor's animals this afternoon. Then I will help prepare the food for a group of people who are watching the game at her house. After that though, I will review a six chapter fic before asking a friend to read chapter 1 in order to ascertain interest. Then I plan to watch Sparticus: Blood and Sand (disk 1). Afterwards, I may begin S. Penman's book, Devil's Brood.
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The difference between habit and addiction is interesting as often people use the words interchangably. I see addition as a habit that has spiralled out of control.

The question is what is the longest period of gaming I have played. I have a life, so four or five hours uninterrupted would be the max. For a period of two years, I played quite often...every day for a couple of hours usually. I considered this to be a habit. However, I know people that play quite differently. One couple even went so far as to go unemployed for almost a year, living on their savings and playing World of Warcraft. When the young man's parents came from out of town to take them to dinner, he refused because he was "tanking a raid" and "other people were depending on him." His love for his father took second place to a computer game. He played eight and ten hours a day that I mean at least five days a week but usually seven. They "raided" with friends at least four times a week, usually beginning between 6 and 8 in the evening and ending between 2 and 4 in the morning. Before "raiding" there were hours spent preparing to "raid". This type behavior is not just habit. It is addiction. The game World of Warcraft took over their lives.


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