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I've been house sitting for mom for the past week and a half. It left almost no LJ time. Glad to be back home. Being without access to my computer (for other than a couple of stolen hours) truly sucked. Glad for a return to a normal life.

Mom's friend left his cow dog at her house for me to watch while they were traveling. No problem right? I put them in one of her pick-ups to ride along while I checked things out. OMG SHE STUNK!!!!! I drove back to my house and grabbed scented shampoo and grooming spray. It rained before I got her bathed and she stayed out in it, determined to guard the house from a little squirrel. It washed some of the smell away, leaving a wet dog aroma...which was an improvement believe it or not! After the rain ended, she got a bath! If I had known that she was up on her shots, I'd have taken her to a groomer for the works!

When they returned from their vacation, I learned that the dog had never in her long life been bathed! She is old and grey, yet the only bath she has ever had is the one I gave her! The man actually told my mother that black dogs don't ever need to be bathed! Lest you don't appreciate the full extent of his stupidity, she is mainly an INDOOR dog! I sent the shampoo and grooming spray home with him, telling him that even the dog probably gags from the stink. Ugh!


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