Feb. 7th, 2012

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An uninvited and very out of place visitor is in the little shed in the backyard where I stash garden tools. It is just a small wood building, approximately the size of a good sized bedroom. It has a medium sized doggie door. A handful of things like an artificial Christmas tree are stored there, but that is basically it. In back of the building is a window that is locked from the inside.

I was outside early this morning and happened to look through that window. When I did, I did a double take upon seeing a face looking back at me. There was a dead deer in there too. The animal was partially behind a large rubber tub & the dead deer so I could only see the head, neck and shoulders. It is dark and is cat-like but huge. It is certainly not canine. Also, it isn't scared of me which is not good at all.

Finally it hit me that my dogs were in the backyard and there was a doggie door. My huge puppy can't get more than his head inside, but my Havanese can use it with lots of room to spare. Since the animal is behaving abnormally by making its current home in my garden shed, I am not going to take a chance of it biting my dogs (or me). I got them inside, and haven't gone back out there yet.


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